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About Expertsii

Expertsii presents topical news and expert analysis.

Starting with a focus on Business, Technology and Games industry news we have expanded our topic base and also expanded our staff of talented writers, each of whom is expert in their chosen categories.

We welcome all comments and suggestions on news items and on the Expertsii news site.

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Origins of Expertsii

The origin of Expertsii was a core of professionals, all experts in their respective fields, all prolific writers, all well-connected, all well informed and all on top of latest developments in their fields – sometimes even creating the latest developments.

In the Business field, we have experts in Supply Chain Management, leading edge (and even bleeding edge) in issues associated with manufacturing and distribution, at every level from strategic to detailed tactical, encompassing policy, procedures and the application of technology. We also have contributions from several small-business owner sources and a from a Board member of multiple companies.

In Marketing, our authors and contributors have expertise in aspects of Internet Marketing and conventional marketing that again can be described as leading-edge. In internet marketing, the shift to the Social environments has and continues to transform this field. In conventional marketing, we count among our sources the developers of new concepts that have been tested and proven with great success.

In Entertainment, one source and author runs a private network of games-related web-sites that reflect the most current developments in the Games industry globally, attracting several million eyeballs to their sites and videos each month. This same source is a general business source, and a day-to-day exponent of merger and acquisition practices.


Our philosophy is simple – report interesting, topical news as it arises, stand-alone or with insight and analysis.