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ConAgra Foods Works To End Child Hunger In America

Much is heard about child hunger and poverty in Africa and other countries, but the problem exists in America too, and is currently being addressed by ConAgra Foods which is based in Omaha. The company recently financed a half hour program which was hosted by Al Roker, rather than taking out individual ads to try to make more of an impact in this campaign to end child hunger. Their ConAgra Foods Foundation is working to ensure that children have the knowledge about good food choices, as well as have access to nutritional food. Feeding America which supplies food to 200 food banks, is being supported by ConAgra who contribute some 250 million pounds of food to this cause. They are also donating one meal and up to two and a half … Read entire article »

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Social Media Marketing Concerns Arise

Social Media has become the newest marketing tool, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote new or even existing products to people across the world, and because of the number of people involved with social media, it is turning out to be hugely successful. However, this comes with the type of risks that have not been seen before, because of the speed that information now spreads out over the internet and the world. Any comments made on line can be picked up by others and spread virally at warp speed, a speed that has never been seen before, and this is both good and bad. During the recent disasters in Japan, social media was successful in helping people to find their loved ones, and worked to keep people informed at a time … Read entire article »

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BP Gulf Oil Spill Settlement

– By Anthony Ricigliano: BP’s much publicized compensation fund for Gulf oil spill victims has received over 91,000 requests for final damage settlement payments from people and businesses across the Gulf but has only issued one. Give them credit, it was for a hefty sum of $10 million dollars but it comes with one caveat; the recipient is an existing BP business partner that was paid only after BP intervened on their behalf. BP has not divulged the name of the recipient due to disclosure issues. BP has admitted that it went to bat for their partner to make it the first one to be paid from the $20 billion compensation fund, known as “The Gulf Coast Claims Facility”.  The amount paid to BP’s partner company dwarfs the stopgap payments which … Read entire article »

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