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Denmark Adds Tax To Unhealthy Fatty Foods

Denmark adds tax to unhealthy fatty foods like butter, oil and pizza.

Denmark adds tax to unhealthy fatty foods like butter, oil and pizza.

In an effort to curb unhealthy eating, several countries are adding taxes to foods which contain too much sugar, or, in the case of Denmark’s new tax, too much fat.

Hungary introduced a tax last month for fatty foods, and those high in sugar or in salt, and on 1 October, Denmark added their tax, in an effort to reduce the amount of fat consumed in an effort to reduce cardiovascular disease. Butter and milk products are now taxed, along with pizzas, oils  and pre-cooked foods.

According to Ole Linnet Juul who is the food director at Denmark’s Confederation of Industries, the tax which has been introduced is based on the amount of fat used in making the food products, rather than the amount of fat which is found in the end product. This makes it a very complex tax to introduce, and because of the implementation of the tax, consumers were busy stock piling foods last week before the tax was introduced.

It is thought that the tax will reduce the amount of fat that the Danish consume, and thus make them healthier, but not everyone is convinced that this will lengthen life expectancy as is hoped. The tax is expected to increase the cost of a burger by about 15 cents, while the cost of a small packet of butter is expected to go up by around 40 cents.

In Hungary in September, various taxes were imposed on foods with high sugar salt and fat content, with tariffs on soda (high sugar content) and alcohol. The funds raised will go towards the cost of state health care.

More and more countries are becoming concerned about the rates of obesity in their country’s population, and are trying everything in their power to try to get the message across to consumers that being overweight is not good for their health, and they need to start taking better care of themselves by eating healthier food choices. many countries now have obesity rates somewhere between ten and twenty per cent of the population, which will pose a huge problem for the health care in those countries.

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