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FAA Bill Approved By Senate For Funding

Some airline passengers may be due a tax refund after FAA bill is approved by Senate for funding.

Some airline passengers may be due a tax refund after FAA bill is approved by Senate for funding.

On Friday the Senate approved a bill which will send thousands of Federal Aviation Administration workers back to work, as well as government contractors. The approval of the bill was made with just two senators present for the vote – the session finished for the summer earlier this week – which both parties agreed to to extend the FAA’s operating authority until next month when the matter can be discussed fully.

This bill has to be signed by President Obama for it to become law, and this is expected to be done soon so that workers could be back at work as soon as Monday.
The partial shutdown of the FAA has meant that taxes on air tickets has not been collected, costing the government millions of dollars since 23 rd July when the FAA authority expired. It has been estimated that over $360 million has been lost in uncollected taxes during the partial shutdown.

However, the acceptance of the bill by the Senate does mane that about 16 rural communities will lose subsidies to their airports totally about $16 million.

J. Bruce Josten is the top lobbyist for the United States Chamber of Commerce, and had this to say about the matter.”Everyone is trying to argue as if this were about $16 million to defund rural airports. So, we’ve now lost $364 million in fees to save $16 million. We look really dumb after the debt deal.”

Airline passengers did not always benefit from the non-collection of taxes during the shutdown, as many airlines increased their prices by this amount. However, for some travelers who purchased their airline tickets before 23 July 2011 and so paid taxes on their flights for travel during the dispute, there is the possibility of getting the taxes paid refunded, but it is not certain how this will happen.

Safety has not been reported as an issue during the dispute as safety inspectors have worked without pay, even paying their own expenses to keep the traveling public safe and for that we thank them.

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