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Green Marketing Confusing To Many Study Shows

green and environmental terms confusing

green and environmental terms confusing

A study by the strategy and communications agency Cone revealed that many Americans are believing that some products are actually far better for the environment than they actually are.

The 2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker reports that some 97 per cent of Americans in 2011 said they new what the phrases “environmentally friendly” and “green” mean, compared to 90 per cent in 2008, but their understanding is not always correct. According to Cone, 41 per cent of Americans believe that environmentally friendly products  have a positive impact on the environment, compared to 29 per cent whose understanding is more accurate when they state that such products have less of an environmental impact than previous version of the products.

The Cone study indicates that consumers are still very unsure about environmental claims made by companies concerning their products, and are overwhelmed but the number of environmental messages that there are out there, making the consumer unsure about the best choice to make as far as the environment is concerned.

Although the United States government is working to update the green advertising standards which are responsible for advising the advertisers in the sustainability of claims, the proposed revisions to its Green Guide has not yet been completed.

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