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New York’s Wall Street “Zombie” Movement Growing As Seven Hundred Arrested

New York’s Wall Street “zombie” movement growing as weven hundred arrested

New York’s Wall Street “zombie” movement growing as seven hundred arrested

Seven hundred protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York over the weekend as the Occupy Wall Street demonstration continued to gain attention in North America. The leaderless protests began three weeks ago with a handful of college students camping out in Zuccotti Park, a plaza near New York’s financial center. The students were speaking out against a variety of causes, including corporate greed, social inequity, and global climate change. The number of protesters grew, and the first mass arrest of about 100 people took place on September 24 after protesters marched out of the Financial District into other areas of the city.

Protesters have garnered media attention by combining business dress with zombie face paint, and marching while chewing Monopoly money as a metaphor for capitalism. The protest has inspired similar demonstrations in at least 21 other locations, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Ohio. In Canada, a march is planned for Toronto later this month. Those protests also focused on a multitude of issues, including foreclosure prevention and economic stability.

“We’re here for different reasons,” said one Occupy Wall Street protestor in an interview with CNN. “But at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing, and that’s accountability. We want accountability for the connection between Wall Street and the politicians.”

New York police plan to maintain a presence in the Wall Street area, and have enforced the dismantling of structures and “dwellings” like cardboard boxes and plastic tarps. “If it is a lawful demonstration, we help facilitate and if they break the law we arrest them,” said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. Videos posted on Twitter appeared to show police using pepper spray on a group of protestors, inciting commentary from several well-known celebrities. Well-known actor Alec Baldwin suggested that “the NYPD has a PR problem.”

Reports suggest that the protesters are well organized, holding regular assemblies, creating a makeshift hospital, and ensuring that those who are arrested receive legal assistance. Many supporters have been donating food to the encampment. Protestors have also started several forms of social media about the demonstration, including a website called and a newspaper called the Occupied Wall Street Journal. There is no plan for the protest to end.

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