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Nyad Still Swimming Towards Florida From Cuba Despite Many Stings

Diana Nyad is still swimming towards Florida from Cuba despite many stings, hoping to arrive on Monday morning.

Diana Nyad starts her swim towards Florida from Cuba, and despite many stings, hopes to arrive on Monday morning.

Diana Nyad, the endurance swimmer, is currently on her third attempt to swim from Havana in Cuba to Florida, 103 miles, without using a shark cage, but the start of the race was challenging. She has got many Portuguese Man O’ War stings on both arms as well as her face and side, and she did complain of breathing problems, which resulted in her doctors giving her a steroid shot, as well as oxygen and other medication. The Portuguese Man o’ War is like a jelly fish.

Nyad is 62 years old, and attempted the same swim two months ago, but had to retire due to bad problems with asthma, which she attributed to a new medication, and a sore shoulder after about 29 hours. When she was 28 she also made the attempt, 1978, that time swimming for 42 hours in a steel shark cage for 42 hours before that attempt ended.

If all goes well Nyad expects the swim will take her about 60 hours, so she expects to land in Florida on Monday morning. She is using an electronic shield to keep the sharks away from her, with kayakers deterring any persistent ones.

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