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Satellite Debris Now Landed on Earth – Somewhere

The return of the NASA decommissioned satellite that has been falling to Earth, totally out of control over the last couple of days, and unpredictably, has, according to NASA finally ended, with the remains landing somewhere on Earth at some time around midnight on Friday, or early Saturday morning. No information has yet been given about the location of any of the pieces of debris, estimated to be about 26, with many more burning up on reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is not known whether the debris landed in water or on land. However, there was no immediate outcry of damage. Late on Friday, NASA said that the reentry path was over Canada, Africa and the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian oceans, making any risk to the public very small. It … Read entire article »

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Asthma Patients Will Need Prescription Inhalers By 2012

In a decision made in 2008, the Food and drug Administration, FDA, is alerting asthma patients who are still using the over the counter inhalers that these inhalers will not be available by the end of this year. These epinephrine inhalers contain a carbon gas, namely chlorofluorocarbons which force the medication into the patient’s airways. Presently it is reported that only Primatene Mist by Armstrong Pharmaceutical is still available in the United States, as other manufacturers have already made the switch to using hydrofluoroalkane, which is an environmentally-friendly way to propel the medication into airways. These new inhalers still treat the same symptoms of asthma, but the new inhalers are only available with a prescription. For patients still using the over the counter epinephrine inhalers, this means that they need to see … Read entire article »

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NBA Training Camps Postponed And 43 Preseason Games Canceled

The National Basketball Association announced on Friday that training camps have been postponed indefinitely, and 43 preseason games have been canceled. Training camps were expected to begin on 3 October, with preseason games scheduled for 9-15 October, but a statement by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said “We have regretfully reached the point on the calendar where we are not able to open training camps on time and need to cancel the first week of preseason games. We will make further decisions as warranted.” This was not unexpected, since the last meeting between the owners and the players ended on Thursday without a collective bargaining agreement, cba. However, both sides are hopeful that the regular season can be played in its entirety. The season is scheduled to begin 1 November. The players were locked … Read entire article »

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BPA Found In Canned Food, Even Children’s Food

In new testing conducted by the Breast Cancer Fund, BPA, or bisphenol-A was discovered in all of the twelve cans which it tested, six which were purchased in California and six in Wisconsin. Now this size of study is very small, as the Breast Cancer Fund agreed, but it is extremely concerned since the cans it tested were all for products which children regularly consume. Bisphenol-A has been linked to breast cancer as well as infertility, diabetes and obesity. In 2008, BPA was in the news when it was shown that this ingredient leaches out of plastic when it is heated producing a product which is similar to the hormone estrogen. Since it was used for baby bottles, as well as water bottles, the Canadian government banned the product from baby bottles, … Read entire article »

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Pope Benedict XVI Visits Germany

In his third visit as Pope, Pope Benedict XVI is currently visiting his native homeland of Germany for four days, but the first time he has officially visited the capital, Berlin. During this time he will be visiting with Germany’s top Jewish leader, Dieter Graumann, along with other representatives of the Jewish population. However, controversy broke out, even before the Pope’s arrival. Due to speak to the German Parliament, the Bundestag, on Thursday afternoon, over 100 MPs made the decision not to attend, because of the highly controversial views which the Pope holds concerning birth control and homosexuals. Protestors gathered at Potsdamer Platz not far from where the Pope was due to give his speak, and amongst the group were many from the large Berlin gay community. The Pope’s visit will end … Read entire article »

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Mike Modano Retires from NHL Hockey After 21 Years

After 21 years of playing men’s hockey in the National Hockey League, Mike Modano has decided at the age of 41 that it is time to retire. With the record for the leading goal and points scorer all-time for American born players in the NHL, he had 561 goals along with 1,374 points scored in 1,499 games. Modano, a 6 foot three inch center, played for the Dallas Stars for 20 seasons, and then in the summer of 2010 he signed with the Detroit Red Wings as a free agent. However, he lost a good part of that season when a skate sliced the tendon in his right wrist, and the road back from injury was longer and harder than expected. He played 40 games last season, less than half a … Read entire article »

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Dead Satellite Expected To Crash To Earth Friday 23 September

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, UARS that NASA built, weighing almost 6.5 tons is heading towards Earth faster than originally expected, and pieces of it are expected to land on Friday 23 September. However, the chances of being hit by this are reported to be small, firstly because water covers so much of the Earth, secondly there are many sparsely populated areas, and thirdly, NASA has estimated the risk of any pieces hitting a person as about one in 3,200. If the number of people on the planet are taken into account, then that ratio then becomes about one in 7 billion. NASA is still adjusting estimates of when and where it is likely to land, and have now said Friday afternoon, but not in North America, as by that time … Read entire article »

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Jailed U.S. Hikers Released On Bail From Iran

On 21 September 2011, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal the hikers who said they accidentally strayed into Iran, were released from jail on bail which was reportedly set at $500,000 for each man. The men were arrested in July 2009 having crossed from Iraq into Iran and were sentenced to eight years in jail earlier this year after they were found guilty of espionage and illegal entry into the country. A third hiker, Sarah Shourd, who is 32, was released last year on medical grounds, after bail of a similar amount was set. After the men’s attorney, Masoud Shafiei completed the paperwork for their release, the men, both 29 years old, were taken to Tehran airport, where they were flown to the Omani capital of Muscat. The families of the hikers released … Read entire article »

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Texas Wildfires Likely Caused By Sparking Power Lines Officials Say

The wildfires that have been burning in Texas recently are likely to have been started by sparking power lines, brought about by trees falling on the power lines during the storm and high winds that hit the region. Fire officials are calling it the most destructive wildfire blaze in the history of Texas, and it destroyed over 1,500 homes and killed two people. On 4 September two wildfires started about 5 miles apart at about the same time in Bastrop which is about 25 miles east of Austin, Texas. Apparently one of the blazes was started when a dead pine tree fell onto the power lines which sent a shower of sparks onto the very dry vegetation, and the second fire started when tree branches got tangled with power lines, again … Read entire article »

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Twins Born To Woman With Two Uteruses in Clearwater, Florida

A woman from Clearwater, Florida gave birth to twins last week after having a C-section on 15th September, but the births were unusual in that each baby was in their own uterus. Normally a woman has only one uterus, but Andrea Barbosa, the twins’ 24 year old mother has a rare condition called uterus didelphys which was diagnosed about four years ago, and means that she has two instead of one. There are only about 2,000 women in the world that have this condition, which often makes becoming pregnant more difficult. However, Barbosa and her husband had no trouble with this, and in fact each uterus had to release an egg which was fertilized at the same time. The odds of this occurring are about 1 in 5 million, according to … Read entire article »

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Ashton Kutcher And “Two And A Half Men” Bring In The Viewers

The opening of the ninth season of “Two And A Half Men” on Monday night starring Jon Cryer, and Ashton Kutcher in place of Charlie Sheen saw a record number of viewers tune in to watch the Monday night debut, namely over 27 million viewers, which is a new record for the show. However, it remains to be seen whether these viewers will stay, or were just curious about how Charlie Sheen’s character was written out of the comedy series. For the record, Charlie slipped under a train, and let’s leave it at that. Kutcher’s character of Walden Schmidt as a billionaire was introduced after he tried to commit suicide, very unsuccessfully in the sea outside the Harper residence, in the hopes of getting his ex back. From there, the script … Read entire article »

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Online Gamers Help Scientists Make Progress On Understanding AIDS

An outcome which has surprised many has seen online game players, or gamers, have success where scientists have previously failed, and it has opened the door to many other possibilities. Players used a game called Foldit which was developed by researchers at the University of Washington, and with this game the players were able to collaborate and put together a viable structure for a protein cutting enzyme that is crucial to the development of AIDS in its early stages, using different molecular building blocks. The gamers came up with a model that worked in about two weeks, something which scientists had not been able to do, and using this the scientists were able to make adjustments and can now move on and look at ways to deal with this enzyme to see … Read entire article »

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Varicose Vein Treatments Compared In New Study

A new study from Homburg, Germany has compared the results of laser therapy to treat varicose veins and the more standard vein surgery, to see if there is any difference in the number of patients who report new varicose veins two years after the treatment, and has concluded that there is very little difference suggested by the data. Although varicose veins are very common, affecting anywhere from between 5 to 30 per cent of adults, they usually do not cause many problems. However in some cases, they can cause swelling and pain in a small percentage of adults, and in rare cases, even blood clots. The treatment for the less serious cases is to exercise, and lose weight, for those overweight, while compression stockings may help to ease the pain, and … Read entire article »

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31st Annual Terry Fox Run – The First Without Betty Fox

On Sunday, thousands of people, young and old, around the world were involved in some way with the 31st annual Terry Fox Run, and it is amazing the way that Terry Fox and his family have impacted so many lives. The runs are held all over the world, and those unable to take part contribute in other ways with donations. It was April 1980 when Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope to raise funds for cancer research after he had been diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, bone cancer, and had to have his right leg amputated above the knee. He ran 3,339 miles on his journey across Canada to raise money for cancer research, but unfortunately his cancer returned and he died in June 1981. However, his dream has never faded, as … Read entire article »

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NonCommunicable Diseases Causing Millions of Deaths Each Year

The World Health Organization, WHO, has released a new report which offers guidelines for addressing the economic impact which noncommunicable diseases, NCDs, have and suggests low cost methods for reducing the incidence of NCDs. It is released just before the first meeting of the United Nations to discuss chronic or non-communicable diseases, a two day meeting in New York, beginning Monday 19th September. The report, a joint project by the World Economic Forum, WEF, and the Harvard School of Public Health, focuses on four diseases, namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, and the impact they have on the global economy, as well as inexpensive options to combat these diseases which are threatening to bankrupt health systems throughout the world. With the current population growths and the rates of incidence … Read entire article »

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5 Bikers Found Dead At Charity Event In Tennessee

A charity event organized by Bikers Who Care turned tragic on Sunday when 5 bikers were found dead in an RV at the Clarksville Speedway, Tennessee, at about noon. The Clarksville police and ambulances attended, but could do nothing for the three men and two women. The police have said that there is no sign of foul play. Bill Langford is the director of the annual event, and was shocked at the discovery of the five. He said that it looks like a small storage hatch on the RV was not properly closed, and it had allowed fumes from the generator to leak inside the vehicle. Apparently the bikers who found the five were taken to hospital with feelings of dizziness and light headedness, and they were found to have high … Read entire article »

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Earthquake Hits Northeast India, With Deaths And Damage

An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck northeast India, including New Delhi, the capital, on Sunday evening local time, and there have been at least two aftershocks of over 5.3 already felt, and more are possible. The number of deaths is uncertain at this time, because some of the area is only sparsely populated, but has now been cut off because of mudslides which were triggered by the earthquakes. However, Chief Secretary Karma Gyatso of Sikkim state, at least five people there were killed and over 50 injured. In Nepal it has been reported that a wall collapsed at the British Embassy killing three people. In Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim state, as in other areas, there were power cuts as the earthquake struck, telephone lines were knocked out, and roads were reported … Read entire article »

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UBS Trading Losses Higher Than Reported

On Sunday, the Swiss banking company UBS said in a statement that equity index futures in the last three months with trading fraud and false accounting has led to losses of $2.3 billion, not the estimate of $2 billion that was reported previously. It also stated that no client positions were affected by the discovery of the fraud, and it has now set up an independent committee to begin investigating the trades and the risk systems in place in the bank. On Friday, in a court in London, England, Kweku M. Adoboli who is 31, was charged with one count of fraud and two counts of false accounting, and these dated back to October, 2008. Mr. Adoboli was arrested on Thursday morning at 3:30 a.m. after the police had been called … Read entire article »

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