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Hormonal Contraception Increases HIV Risk, New Study Reports

A new study published this week in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, shows some disturbing data about the contraception used by women in the eastern and southern areas of Africa, and the increased risk that these women then have to becoming infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or H.I.V. as it is more commonly known. This is the virus which causes AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It seems that for women being given a hormone shot every three months, their risk of becoming infected with H.I.V. appears to double, and not only that, but for those women who have the shot but are H.I.V. positive, then their male partners are two times as likely to be infected with H.I.V. than if there was no contraceptive used by the women. Women in Africa are … Read entire article »

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Online Gamers Help Scientists Make Progress On Understanding AIDS

An outcome which has surprised many has seen online game players, or gamers, have success where scientists have previously failed, and it has opened the door to many other possibilities. Players used a game called Foldit which was developed by researchers at the University of Washington, and with this game the players were able to collaborate and put together a viable structure for a protein cutting enzyme that is crucial to the development of AIDS in its early stages, using different molecular building blocks. The gamers came up with a model that worked in about two weeks, something which scientists had not been able to do, and using this the scientists were able to make adjustments and can now move on and look at ways to deal with this enzyme to see … Read entire article »

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Early HIV Treatment Reduces Spread Of AIDS

On Thursday a new study revealed that antiretroviral drugs have been used successfully to reduce the transmission of the HIV virus in heterosexual couples. Researchers say that this means that by treating HIV patients with these drugs can make them less infectious which could reduce the number of new cases substantially. In fact the results were so overwhelming that the study released the results four years earlier than planned, so that all members of the study could take advantage of the findings. This study was researched in nine countries and the $73 million was funded by the National Institute of Health, with Myron Cohen leading the study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Cohen is a director of the Institute of Global Health and Infectious Diseases there. Dr. Anthony … Read entire article »

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