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Denmark Adds Tax To Unhealthy Fatty Foods

In an effort to curb unhealthy eating, several countries are adding taxes to foods which contain too much sugar, or, in the case of Denmark’s new tax, too much fat. Hungary introduced a tax last month for fatty foods, and those high in sugar or in salt, and on 1 October, Denmark added their tax, in an effort to reduce the amount of fat consumed in an effort to reduce cardiovascular disease. Butter and milk products are now taxed, along with pizzas, oils  and pre-cooked foods. According to Ole Linnet Juul who is the food director at Denmark’s Confederation of Industries, the tax which has been introduced is based on the amount of fat used in making the food products, rather than the amount of fat which is found in the end … Read entire article »

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NonCommunicable Diseases Causing Millions of Deaths Each Year

The World Health Organization, WHO, has released a new report which offers guidelines for addressing the economic impact which noncommunicable diseases, NCDs, have and suggests low cost methods for reducing the incidence of NCDs. It is released just before the first meeting of the United Nations to discuss chronic or non-communicable diseases, a two day meeting in New York, beginning Monday 19th September. The report, a joint project by the World Economic Forum, WEF, and the Harvard School of Public Health, focuses on four diseases, namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, and the impact they have on the global economy, as well as inexpensive options to combat these diseases which are threatening to bankrupt health systems throughout the world. With the current population growths and the rates of incidence … Read entire article »

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Apples And Pears Reduce Risk Of Strokes, New Study Finds

Most people are familiar with the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but a new study by researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands has data to back this up. The researchers studied 20,000 adults over a ten year period, and found that those who ate more white fleshed fruit and vegetables had a lower risk of suffering a stroke over that period. White fleshed fruit include apples and pears as well as bananas. Through their data the researchers found that for every 25 grams , a little under one ounce, of white fleshed fruit eaten each day, the risk of a stroke decreased by about nine per cent. Since an average apple or pear has a weight between 100 and 125 grams, it means that by eating one … Read entire article »

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Chocolate Is Good For The Heart In Moderation, New Study Reports

According to researchers at the University of Cambridge in England, eating chocolate regularly may cut the risk of heart disease and strike by about a third, confirming other studies that chocolate may be good for you. The downside is that chocolate contains a lot of sugar and fat and calories, so too much can lead to weight gain, as well as heart disease and stroke, so it needs to be consumed in moderation researchers’ note. In the past studies have indicated that chocolate may help diabetes as well as high blood pressure, which are risk factors for strokes and heart disease, so Oscar H. Franco, MD, PhD and his fellow researchers pooled together the results from 7 studies which had been published so they were looking at data from over 100,000 people … Read entire article »

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