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Greek Civil Servants Strike Against Latest Austerity Measures

Public services shut down in Greece on Wednesday when thousands of civil servants walked off their jobs in a 24-hour strike against the government’s latest austerity measures.  Prime Minister George Papandreou announced plans this week to trim pensions and reduce salaries for 30,000 civil servants that would then ultimately be let go. Schools, multi-level governmental operations, and courts closed when members of the two major unions began the strike, and more than 400 flights from the Athens International Airport were cancelled.  Train and ferry services were stopped, and hospitals were reported to be running on emergency staff only. Greece has been reliant on international aid since accepting a $157 billion dollar bailout in May 2010 to stave off bankruptcy.  A second bailout worth $155 billion was approved in July. The European Union, the … Read entire article »

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EU Proposes Compensation To Farmers Hit By E. Coli Outbreak

With anger growing over the way the European Union has handled the E. coli outbreak in Germany, and farmers destroying tons of vegetables to try to eliminate the risk of spreading the disease, the EU has proposed compensation to the farmers involved. The EU offer of giving € 150 million  or £134 million, which is approximately US $220 million as compensation to those farmers, was suggested during an emergency meeting in Luxembourg of the EU agriculture ministers. Germany is the country hit the hardest, followed by Spain who were initially blamed for spreading the disease on cucumbers they had exported to Germany and other countries. It has since emerged that the cucumbers were not the source of the bacteria, but in the meantime, Spain had destroyed tons of cucumbers resulting in … Read entire article »

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EU To Ban Gas Fueled Cars by 2050?

In an attempt to reduce the world’s dependency on oil, the European Union have suggested a new proposal that calls for eliminating fossil fuel-burning vehicles in cities by 2050. This plan aims to prohibit the use of gasoline and diesel in cars, so that Europe’s carbon footprint can be reduced. The aim is convert the transport systems of Europe to much cleaner, emission free ones. Siim Kallas of the European Commission announced this proposal, saying that it addresses the current dependency on oil as a fuel for vehicles, and at the same time it does point out the pollution caused by traffic congestion.  The plan suggests a ban on flights less than 186 miles, and also targets emissions by airplanes. There is the proposal for a unified traffic structure to be set … Read entire article »

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