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Facebook To Help Small Businesses By Offering Information And Advertising Credits

In a joint project by Facebook, the United States Chamber of Commerce as well as the National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB, Facebook will be offering free seminars and webinars, along with case studies to small businesses throughout the United States, to help them increase their presence on the social networking site Facebook. They will also be giving out about 200,000 advertising credits to small businesses to help with their promotion on Facebook pages, beginning in January. This will be about $50 for each small business to use on ads in Facebook to promote their business or services. This new program which was announced on Monday will begin in October with Facebook officials and members of the other two business groups involved in the project, meeting with small businesses through their local … Read entire article »

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Groupon To Delay IPO Based on Economy, It Was Reported Tuesday

The online daily deal company Groupon as well as Zynga which creates games for Facebook were both reported on Tuesday to be delaying their initial public offerings, IPO in the United States because of recent market turbulence. Both companies had earlier expressed an interest in offering their IPOs in the fall of this year, shortly after the Labor Day holiday since this is a busy time for IPOs traditionally. H0owever, the current state of the markets has led to Groupon pulling back from selling shares, although the company is said to be expecting to launch IPOs when the conditions are more suitable, according to sources. Groupon was hoping to raise $750 million with their shares, while Zynga is hoping for $1 billion when they offer their IPO. However, neither company as … Read entire article »

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Facebook To End Its Daily Deals Discount Program

After launching the program called Deals on Facebook in April, Facebook, the social networking web site  has now decided that it will be ending the program in the next few weeks or months. However the Facebook Check-In Deals which launched in November will remain. The announcement was made on Friday, but there was no reason given for the decision, which now leaves the field open for even more of the daily deal sites like Groupon which have proved successful so far. In an email, a Facebook spokesperson said  “After testing Deals for four months, we’ve decided to end our Deals product in the coming weeks. We think there is a lot of power in a social approach to driving people into local businesses. We remain committed to building products to help … Read entire article »

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Rioters Get Harsh Sentences In Britain

After riots spread across Britain last week, the United Kingdom has already charged about 1,400 people with offences related to the riots including violence and looting, but what has surprised many is that two men were convicted of using Facebook to “organize and orchestrate” disorder in northwest England. Perry Sitcliffe-Keenan who is 22 years old and Jordan Blackshaw, 20 both pleaded guilty to their various charges, and were sentenced to four years in prison, although it is not thought that their actions did not in fact lead to any rioting. Many feel that this is a very harsh sentence for the men who are not believed to have any previous criminal record. In another incident a 23 year old engineering student stole a $5 bottle of water, and was sentenced to six … Read entire article »

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GSV Invests In Facebook Shares

GSV Capital Corp. announced on Monday morning that it had purchased 225,000 shares in Facebook, which is the world’s most popular social network. The average price for the shares was $29.28, with a total cost of around $6.6 million. This announcement sent the shares of GSV up more than 30 per cent by afternoon trading. GSV, based in Woodside California  is a publicly-traded (GSVC) investment management company, and its founder and CEO Mr. Michael T. Moe had this to say: “Facebook is a one-of-a-kind business which has created enormous network effects. With over 650 million people on its platform, or approximately 1/10 of the world’s population, Facebook has established itself as a next generation social communications platform.” The company did not divulge what percentage of Facebook shares it now holds, but it rumored … Read entire article »

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Facebook – Number Of Members Still Growing Overall

As social media continues its popularity all over the world, the membership of Facebook continues to grow to over 685 million users world wide as of the beginning of June this year, but the growth is not in all countries. Although there are always fluctuations in membership numbers, there are various reports that the number of members in the United States and Canada is declining, and in the last month memberships in the United Kingdom, Norway and Russia each dropped in May by about 100,000. However, Brazil, Argentina and India all grew by more than 5 per cent in May, and in Brazil this meant the number of members increasing from about 17 million users to about 19 million. A statement sent by email from a Facebook spokesman addressed the issue of … Read entire article »

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Deals On Facebook Launched Tuesday

After rumors about Facebook competing with Groupon circulated last month, Facebook announced Tuesday that it has launched its own localized deals in five cities in the United States to begin the process. It is called Deals on Facebook and is available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco initially, with growth to other cities expected in the future. Emily White is a Facebook’s  director and says that the idea is to offer interesting experiences that you can do with friends, and get a great discount to try it. She adds that having the deals available on Facebook makes them easy to share with friends, as well as to plan events and activities. The Deals on Facebook differs from the program first offered mobile users last November, which rewards users that … Read entire article »

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Social Media Marketing Concerns Arise

Social Media has become the newest marketing tool, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote new or even existing products to people across the world, and because of the number of people involved with social media, it is turning out to be hugely successful. However, this comes with the type of risks that have not been seen before, because of the speed that information now spreads out over the internet and the world. Any comments made on line can be picked up by others and spread virally at warp speed, a speed that has never been seen before, and this is both good and bad. During the recent disasters in Japan, social media was successful in helping people to find their loved ones, and worked to keep people informed at a time … Read entire article »

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