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Despite Shaky Sales, Hybrids Here To Stay

Toyota is expanding its hybrid Prius line to include both bigger and smaller models.  The new Prius V was designed for greater storage space in its larger rear hatch, and the soon-to-arrive Prius C will be a smaller version for city drivers.  There is a trend in the hybrid market towards providing more options for potential customers.  For instance, in 2009 there were 17 hybrid models on the market, and at the start of 2011 there were 30. But these expansions come in the hope of securing a larger market, rather than in response to an already present demand.  “When you look at sales, you have to say that hybrids have not been accepted,” said Scott Doggett, associate editor of Edmunds’  The hybrid market peaked in 2009 at 2.8% of … Read entire article »

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Gas Prices At The Pump Starting To Fall Following Drop In Oil Prices

Because of recent drop in the price of crude oil, lower gas prices at the pump are starting to be seen. However, with the summer driving season almost over, the demand for the coming months is likely to be lower, and it is expected that this will be reflected in the price of gas at the pumps. According to the AAA, American Automobile Association’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the price of gasoline has dropped by 7 cents to an average of $3.63 per gallon on 10 August in the United States, which is still way higher that the price of $2.78 paid just twelve months ago. However, the record average price of gasoline was set on 17 July 2008 when prices averaged at $4.11 a gallon across the country. The Energy Information … Read entire article »

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Gas Prices Affect Holiday Travel

Although gas prices are high, and the national average in the United States being $3.81 for a gallon of unleaded gas according to a daily survey from the AAA, people are still traveling this Memorial weekend which traditionally marks the start of the summer season. The AAA say that 34.9 million Americans will be traveling this weekend, which is an increase of about 2 per cent over last year. However, not everyone is driving, which the AAA puts down to the price of gas. some people are flying to their destination, preferring to spend their hard-earned dollars on arriving faster for a break that they need. Eric Stigberg, an AAA spokesman said, “I think people are choosing airlines for psychological reason that gas is very expensive so they’re looking for alternate … Read entire article »

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