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Britain And France Warn Against Travel To Somalia And Kenyan Border

The kidnapping of a disabled Frenchwoman by Somali gunmen has resulted in Britain and France issuing travel warnings against travel to or in Somalia, and even travel within 150 km of the borders of Somalia. Great care should be taken at all times in the border areas between Somalia and Kenya. On Sunday, local officials confirmed that a French woman, Marie Didieu, is already in Somalia, having been kidnapped on Saturday by Somali gunmen from her home which is in Ras Gitau in Manda, east Kenya on the archipelago of Lamu. There is great concern because this is the second kidnapping in a month in this area of Kenya. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, FCO, had already warned travelers to stay away from the Somali borders after David Tebbutt a 58 … Read entire article »

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Mexico Casino Set On Fire, 52 killed in Monterrey

In what Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is calling an “aberrant act of terror and barbarity”, the country is reeling after a popular casino, the Casino Royale in Monterrey had gas spread around the bingo area, which was then set alight with Molotov cocktails, killing at least 52 innocent people. Many people were trapped in the casino which is in Mexico’s third largest city. This latest terrorism took place on Thursday afternoon, in what is considered to be an upper middle class area in a casino which caters to bingo and the betting on horse races and sports events. At present, no deaths from gunshot wounds have been reported, and it has been said that most deaths appear to be from smoke inhalation or being crushed to death as others tried to … Read entire article »

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