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Canadian Ralph Steinman Wins Nobel Prize But Dies before It Is Announced

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded on Monday to three scientists who have helped to discover how the immune system works. The three recipients are Bruce A. Beutler of Scripps Research Institute, of La Jolla, California, Jules A. Hoffmann, of the Institute for Molecular Cell Biology in Strasbourg, France, and Ralph M. Steinman of Rockefeller University in New York City. However, Steinman died of pancreatic cancer just a few days ago, something that the scientists at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden who chose the winners on behalf of the Nobel Foundation did not know when they reached their decision. This caused some problems since the rules stipulate that the recipients must be alive. After some research, the Nobel Foundation announced late on Monday afternoon that their decision is to allow the … Read entire article »

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Vaccines Not Linked To Autism, Latest Report States

Although the debate will continue forever, more scientists have reported that there is no evidence that the combination measles vaccine for children is responsible for causing autism, according to the federal government report issued this week. Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton is the chairperson for the panel of scientists who were drawn together by the Institute of Medicine, and says that  “The MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism, and the evidence is overwhelming that it doesn’t”. The MMR vaccine is the measles mumps and rubella vaccine, a combination vaccine, which has caused concerns for many parents about the risks associated with it. The panel of scientists have concluded however, that there are serious risks associated with the chicken pox vaccine, but that these issues may not develop until later in life when the auto … Read entire article »

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