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Listeria Now Found In Romaine Lettuce As Number Of Deaths Rises

Cartons of bagged romaine lettuce, over 2,000 of them, have now been recalled after the lettuce tested positive for the listeria bacteria. Although there have been no reports of illness connected to the lettuce, True Leaf Farms of Salinas, California have recalled lettuce that was shipped on 12 and 13 September, and had a best before date of 29 September. The product had been sent to food distributors in many other states. Since the best before date has now passed for the lettuce, this should not add to the number of cases which have affected people in many different states due to contaminated cantaloupe. Listeria has sickened many, but the source of the outbreak has not been connected to lettuce. Cantaloupe from Colorado have been pin pointed as the source of that … Read entire article »

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Number of Listeria Cases Likely To Grow In October In U.S.

With 13 people already dead because of an outbreak of Listeria in the United States, and over 70 people infected in many states, this is already the deadliest year in the last ten years for a listeria outbreak, and it is likely to get worse in October, according to the update health officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, CDC gave on Wednesday. The Listeria bacteria can take up to two months for a person who has eaten contaminated food to show the symptoms, and this makes it much harder to pin point the actual source of any contamination. In this particular case, cantaloupes grown by Jensen Farms in Colorado and shipped from the 29 July to 10 September have been identified as the source of the food borne disease, but … Read entire article »

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New Strain Of Gonorrhea Resistant to Antibiotics

Scientists have discovered a new strain of the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea, one that is resistant to antibiotics with the first case being found in Japan. This is expected but is also a cause for great concern since this new strain, neisseria gonorrhoea which is called , called H041, is extremely resistant to the cephalosporin-class antibiotics which are used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. Cephalosporins are related to the penicillin family. Scientists from the Swedish Reference Laboratory are concerned that this infection could easily become a global threat to the public’s health, unless new drugs can be found to deal with the problem effectively. There are an estimated 700,000 new cases of gonorrhea each year in the United States alone, and it is the most common of the STDs … Read entire article »

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