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Last Chance For NBA Labor Talks

It is now two years since labor negotiations first began between NBA  union leaders and league officials, and time is running out with this year’s 82-game regular season of basketball on the line.  A meeting today in New York is expected to be one of the last opportunities for a deal to be made between the two parties.  “I’m focused on let’s get the two committees in and see whether they can either have a season or not have a season,” said NBA commissioner David Stern. The NBA lockout has been in position for 92 days, with owners claiming to have lost more than $300 million last season.  Owners are demanding shorter contracts, reduced maximum salaries and raises, and a more restrictive system for dividing revenues.  Players earned 57 percent of … Read entire article »

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NFL Gets Back To Business Of Playing Games Now Lockout Is Over

With a ten year deal now being approved by both the owners of the NFL teams and the players on Monday, the NFL can get back to the business of sports and the fast approaching new season. The NFL players have been locked out since 11 March, but many return to practice on Tuesday after the board of the National Football Leagues Players Association, NFLPA, and the representatives of the teams voted to approve the settlement terms which the owners approved last week. Once the NFLPA is re certified as a union, something the players have to vote on for it to happen, then the final process for the collective bargaining agreement, cba, can begin. Players want to negotiate their benefits and health care, as well as how grievances are handled, … Read entire article »

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Green Bay Packers Will Retire No. 4 – At Some Stage

Mark Murphy, the Green Bay Packers CEO maintains that Brett Favre will be honoured at Lambeau Field, and his No. 4 retired at some time in the future, but the timing for that is presently unknown. This will only happen once it is certain that Favre has totally retired from the game of football. The uncertainty still exists even though Favre, a quarterback, says that he has done with football. However, this has been said before when Favre first retired in 2007. He came back that next season playing for the Jets. He did file retirement papers with the NFL in January of this year, after he was plagued with injuries during the 2010 football season. Murphy says that Favre deserves to be recognized by Green Bay for all that he did … Read entire article »

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NFL Lockout Official, Union Decertified

The NFL Players’ Association is the union which represents the professional football players in their labor negotiations, but late on Friday, the union chose to decertify, or in other words dissolve. In essence this means that the players are no longer eligible to bargain collectively,and it is expected that this will drag out in court for months. The NFLPA’s mission will now be “supporting the interests and rights of current and former professional football players”, as it will act as a trade association from now on. After the union was de-certified, ten NFL players were named as plaintiffs in an antitrust lawsuit that has been launched against the NFL. This includes quarterbacks Tom Brady from the New England Patriots as well as Payton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans … Read entire article »

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