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Denmark Adds Tax To Unhealthy Fatty Foods

In an effort to curb unhealthy eating, several countries are adding taxes to foods which contain too much sugar, or, in the case of Denmark’s new tax, too much fat. Hungary introduced a tax last month for fatty foods, and those high in sugar or in salt, and on 1 October, Denmark added their tax, in an effort to reduce the amount of fat consumed in an effort to reduce cardiovascular disease. Butter and milk products are now taxed, along with pizzas, oils  and pre-cooked foods. According to Ole Linnet Juul who is the food director at Denmark’s Confederation of Industries, the tax which has been introduced is based on the amount of fat used in making the food products, rather than the amount of fat which is found in the end … Read entire article »

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More Children And Young Adults In U.S. Having Strokes

Scientists have come out with some frightening statistics about the rate of strokes in children and adults in the United States, blaming the increase of about a third in under 10 years on the unhealthy lifestyles of the 5 to 44 year olds whose data they analyzed. Researchers said that many of these stroke victims had higher blood pressures than normal as well as diabetes and many were overweight. They also found that many were in the older age groups were smokers. Dr. Lorna Layward of the Stroke Association in the United Kingdom said that “”People usually associate strokes with older people, but a quarter of all strokes happen to people of working age, and around 400 children have a stroke every year in the UK.” She added “This research emphasizes the … Read entire article »

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Sugary Drinks Daily For Nearly Half Americans Causes Concern

The consumption of sugary drinks is a daily occurence for about half of Americans, according to reasearch by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC. Researchers surveyed 17,000 Americans about their dietary intake, and results showed that the average male drank 175 calories in the form of sweetened drinks, while for women it was about 94 calories. To break it down further, boys from the age of 12 to 19 drank around 273 calories each day which came from drinks sweetened with sugar, which equates to about two 12 ounce cans of carbonated cola, and this is higher than any other group. Men of between 20 and 39 years of age came in second place, consuming about 252 calories from drinks containing sugar. The problem is that sugary drinks have been … Read entire article »

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Obesity in U.S. and U.K. Just Keeps Growing

The latest study released on Thursday in the British journal the Lancet states that if the current trends in adult weight continue, by 2030 about half of the adults in the United States could be obese. This would add another 65 million obese adults to the population of the U.S. and about 11 million more in the United Kingdom, according to the researchers at Columbia and Oxford Universities. The weight gain in itself is not the issue, it is the health problems which come with the increased weight, and this in turn leads to higher health care costs. The concerns are that this could lead to an enormous jump in the number of cases of diabetes, as well as increased cancer rates, and the number of people with coronary heart disease. … Read entire article »

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Alzheimer’s Disease Has 7 Risk Factors, New Study Finds

A new study on Alzheimer’s Disease presented in Paris France on Tuesday suggests that the number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease in the United States as well as the rest of the world could be significantly reduced by certain disease prevention methods. Deborah Barnes and Dr. Kristine Yaffe of the University of California San Francisco reported that there are seven risk factors for dementia which include diabetes, smoking, midlife hypertension as well as midlife obesity and physical inactivity. According to Barnes and Yaffe, a 10 to 25 per cent reduction in these risk factors could have prevented, theoretically, up to 492,000 cases of Alzheimer’s disease over the next 40 years. Low education and depression are the two other risk factors involved in this study. In the united States, the most significant factor … Read entire article »

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Obesity In The United States Continues To Grow, Report Shows

A new report which was released on Thursday, shows a continued threat to the health of Americans  as obesity rates in the United States continue to grow during the past twelve months in 16 states. Not only that, but not even one state has been able to report a decline in the proportion of those residents who are excessively overweight. Trust for America’s Health put together the report which also discovered that greater than 30 per cent of the residents in 12 states were obese, whereas four years ago only one state reported this. In 14 states the number of adults who were not exercising also rose. It was also found that obesity levels vary with income and education, with college students having the lowest obesity levels, while the highest rates … Read entire article »

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