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Twitter Study Finds We Are Happiest In The Morning

Twitter, one of the biggest social media sites in the world, has been the focus of a study that shows that people’s moods worsen throughout the day. Over a 2-year period, a group of Cornell University researchers set out to observe the attitudes and mentalities of 2.4 million users in 84 countries. The study, which is published Friday in the Journal of Science, showed that factors such as the amount of daylight, sleep and work all had key roles in affecting the participant’s emotions, such as alertness, distress, anger, and enthusiasm. The results, which looked at the positiveness levels of the participant’s tweets, showed that the majority of tweets were the least positive at the beginning of their work week, and gradually became happier and more optimistic as the week progressed. Predictable, … Read entire article »

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Teens Still Drinking Soda But More Moderately

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have found that although teenagers are reporting that they are now drinking plenty of water, fruit juice (real not sweetened) and milk, they are still drinking more sweetened beverages than are good for them. According to a new study of high school students, about one in four still drink a can, or the equivalent of a ca, of soda each day. The government researchers used 11,000 students for their findings, and discovered that boys more than girls are likely to be drinking pop every day, with African Americans more likely than whites or Hispanic teenagers to drink soda regularly. While an occasional pop is of little concern, the regular use of these sugary drinks is a concern because of risks of obesity, diabetes … Read entire article »

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Research Finds Blacks Call Relatives Before 911

Research published Friday in the Stroke journal states that most blacks will call their family or friends before they call 911 if they start to experience the symptoms of a stroke. The Georgetown University Medical Center researchers handled a survey of 253 volunteers in the community, living in a predominantly black urban area of Washington D.C., asking them about how they would react if they felt the symptoms of a stroke. The research showed that 89 per cent said that they would phone 911 first, but when the researchers interviewed one hundred patients who had been hospitalized because of a stroke who were in the same geographical area, only about half of them had arrived by ambulance. About half had not sought medical help straight away because they did not consider … Read entire article »

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New Study Into Stem Cell Transplantation And Cancer To Reduce Aging Risks

– The Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF) is a UK registered charity which is committed to the support of aging research in order to address the challenges of a rapidly aging population and to reduce the impact of disease on future generations.  BGRF are in the second year of funding an ambitious project in which researchers from the Max Planck Partner Group Program on Stem Cell and Aging Research in Beijing and Ulm (Germany) are investigating the therapeutic potential of transplanting Haematopoietic (blood) stem cells into mice. This exciting project intends to evaluate the principle that stem cell transplantation could be useful in combating the aging process specifically in relation to the increasing risk of cancer with age, given an improved stem cell environment. Cancer is probably going to be the hardest … Read entire article »

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