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Britain And France Warn Against Travel To Somalia And Kenyan Border

The kidnapping of a disabled Frenchwoman by Somali gunmen has resulted in Britain and France issuing travel warnings against travel to or in Somalia, and even travel within 150 km of the borders of Somalia. Great care should be taken at all times in the border areas between Somalia and Kenya. On Sunday, local officials confirmed that a French woman, Marie Didieu, is already in Somalia, having been kidnapped on Saturday by Somali gunmen from her home which is in Ras Gitau in Manda, east Kenya on the archipelago of Lamu. There is great concern because this is the second kidnapping in a month in this area of Kenya. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, FCO, had already warned travelers to stay away from the Somali borders after David Tebbutt a 58 … Read entire article »

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Despite Fraud, Aid Will Still Go To Somalia, UN Confirms

The United Nations World Food Program said on Tuesday that although there are reports of fraud in Somalia with food being stolen and then sold, it believes this is very small, and it will not reduce the emergency aid shipments that it is sending to Somalia. To help the nation which has been hit with the worst famine and drought for decades, the WFP is shipping 5,000 tons of food each month into the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, where there are thousands of internally displaced persons, IDPs gathering in camps there. The WFP estimates that it is currently feeding 1.5 million people in central and northern Somalia, and it is investigating the reports of the theft of food, and the reports that people are selling it, so it is not getting to … Read entire article »

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Somalia Now Struggles With Cholera Epidemic On Top Of Famine And Dehydration

On Friday the United Nations World health Organization, WHO, reported that at least 180 people have died from suspected cases of cholera just in one hospital this year in Mogadishu, the largest city in Somalia and the nation’s capital, and there have been confirmed outbreaks of cholera in other regions across the country. Somalia is already struggling because of the worst drought in decades which is causing famine and dehydration across the country, and in a country where the population is already very vulnerable, the conditions are unfortunately very favorable for the disease to spread fast in this country. As a result the United Nations is increasing its efforts to control its spread amongst the Somalis who arrive in Mogadishu looking for food and water, as well as escape from conflicts. The … Read entire article »

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U.S. People Urged To Help Somali Refugees During Famine and Drought in East Africa

Dr. Jill Biden, who is the wife of Vice President Joe Biden of the United States is traveling in East Africa with  a delegation which includes USAID Administrator Raj Shah,Eric Schwartz the Assistant Secretary of State, Gayle Smith the special assistant to the president, and Bill Frist a former senator, and on Monday visited a Somalian refugee camp. Baden visited the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya where many Somalis have fled to try to find food and water for their families. The camp was built for 90,000 people, but it is now the largest in the world, receiving about 1,000 more people every day, so it is now called home by some 400,000 displaced people, who have nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do but to try to survive … Read entire article »

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Thousands Go Hungry In East Africa

Drought in eastern Africa is having its toll on the population of Africa, and more children and adults are suffering from malnutrition and hunger. The center of the worst of this lies between the borders shared by Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, which is a nomadic region. The families in this area depend greatly on their livestock, but these animals are suffering as well, and dying. Many are fleeing from Somalia, desperate to find food for their families. To make matters worse, food prices have risen, and the United Nations is reporting that sorghum in Baidoa, Somalia, has risen by 240 per cent, while yellow maize jumped in price by 117 per cent in Jiiga, Ethiopia. In Kenya, in the town of Mandera, white maize jumped almost 60 per cent. The United Nations has estimated … Read entire article »

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