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Twitter Study Finds We Are Happiest In The Morning

Twitter, one of the biggest social media sites in the world, has been the focus of a study that shows that people’s moods worsen throughout the day. Over a 2-year period, a group of Cornell University researchers set out to observe the attitudes and mentalities of 2.4 million users in 84 countries. The study, which is published Friday in the Journal of Science, showed that factors such as the amount of daylight, sleep and work all had key roles in affecting the participant’s emotions, such as alertness, distress, anger, and enthusiasm. The results, which looked at the positiveness levels of the participant’s tweets, showed that the majority of tweets were the least positive at the beginning of their work week, and gradually became happier and more optimistic as the week progressed. Predictable, … Read entire article »

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Social Media Marketing Concerns Arise

Social Media has become the newest marketing tool, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote new or even existing products to people across the world, and because of the number of people involved with social media, it is turning out to be hugely successful. However, this comes with the type of risks that have not been seen before, because of the speed that information now spreads out over the internet and the world. Any comments made on line can be picked up by others and spread virally at warp speed, a speed that has never been seen before, and this is both good and bad. During the recent disasters in Japan, social media was successful in helping people to find their loved ones, and worked to keep people informed at a time … Read entire article »

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