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Toys R Us Selling Apple iPad 2 In Some Stores

Toys R Us starts selling iPad 2

Toys R Us starts selling iPad 2

Over the weekend in the United States, some of the toy retail stores Toys R Us started to sell Apple’s iPad 2. Not all of the Toys R Us locations are involved with this, and it is available in only 30 or so states at present, in select stores which are listed on the Toys R Us company’s web page.

Toys R Us are also selling accessories for the iPad 2 as well, such as cases for this model.

The move by Apple which also sells the iPad online and in its own stores, means that the iPad will be more easily available since it is also available at other tech stores such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart, when supply permits.

This does not mean that the iPad 2 will be readily available. Purchasers should still expect a delay for the units, since there is huge demand which is currently outstripping the supply.

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