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Warning: NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel Recalled

NAPAfire and FIREGEL products recalled

NAPAfire and FIREGEL products in bottles or jugs are recalled due to unexpected ignition

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall of the pourable NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel bottles and jugs because these fuels can ignite unexpectedly, splattering onto anything close by. This can occur when it is poured into a firepot which is still burning, or is hot.

Napa Home & Garden has had 37 reports of incidents with 23 cases of burns to consumers, some of them very serious, with consumers saying that the fuel exploded quickly, stuck to clothing, and could not be put out even when the victim dropped to the ground and rolled, or was covered to smother the flames.

This applies to the clear, portable gel fuel which is packaged in clear one quart plastic bottles, as well as one gallon jugs, and is either unscented, or with a citronella scent. The products sell for between $5 and $78.

The fuel has been sold in many stores in the United States, including Bed Bath and Beyond, and many different home and garden stores, and will have been sold between December 2009 and June 2011. There were about 460,000 bottles and jugs produced and distributed by Napa Home & Garden of Duluth, Ga.

Anyone with these gel fuel products in their possession should stop using them immediately, and return all bottles and jugs to the retailer where they were purchased for a full refund.

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